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Caution !!! --> Please disable all download accelerators, otherwise your downloaded files will be corrupt!

Horizon Chess Engine

Horizon Chess Engine  New!!! (Version 4.3 -- last updated: December 23, 2005)
Horizon Horizon 4.3 Opening Book New!!! (last updated: December 23, 2005)
Latest Opening Book New!!! (last updated: January 15, 2007)

Test Suites

These tests, inspired by printed chess puzzles, are maintained by Jim Monaghan

Older Versions of Horizon

Thanks to Claude Dubois for supplying me with missing versions!

Horizon Installation and Configuration

  1. Unzip all files to the directory of your choice such as: C:\Chess\Horizon

  2. See: Instruct.txt within the Horizon.zip file for complete Horizon instructions.

  3. Winboard.ini additions (assuming Horizon files are located in C:\Chess\Horizon):
    • "Horizon" /fd=C:\Chess\Horizon
    • "Horizon" /sd=C:\Chess\Horizon

  4. Modify the Horizon configuration file: Horizon.cfg

    • Set pawn hash table size to 4MB: PAWNHASH 4
    • Set main hash table size to 60MB: HASH 60
    • Turn resignation on/off: RESIGN ON
    • Set location of Nalimov endgame tablebases: TBLOC C:\Chess\Nalimov
    • Set path to the opening book: OPBOOK C:\Chess\Horizon.dat
    • Set skill level adjustments: WSKILL 10; BSKILL 10