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>If anyone has generated the complete 5 man set....
>Do you recall how long it took?
>What was your CPU and memory spec?
>Was it a dedicated or background task?
>Is it absolutely necessary to have 512MB of RAM?

Hi Ross:

A complete 5 men set will almost take you 2 weeks with a Pentium II/450Mz system. It's not necesary for you to have 512 MB of RAM if you have a big enough swap file (let's say 512 MB) and make the tablebases step by step. If you want to try making them, please follows the next steps:

1. Make sure of having a swap file (virtual memory) of 512 MB.

2. Get the TBGenm or TBgeni file from (I think that you already have them)

3. Generate a complete 3 and 4 men set in a NON-COMPRESSED format (it will take him about 2 hours)

4. To generate a complete 5 men set, you must proceed to build them one by one, by starting for those that don't have pawns. For example: Suppose that you are interested in building the KRPKR table, then to make this you should begin building the KRNKR table, next the KRBKR table, after the KRRKR table, then the KRQKR table for recently then to finish with the KRPKR. Proceeding in that way the use of RAM is minimum. AN IMPORTANT THING: to generate the tablebases you MUST USE the next statement:

tbgenm -m -p -v -d or
tbgeni -m -p -v -d

where is the amount of virtual memory, not the of RAM memory!
is the dir where you have the 3 and 4 men set. Let's say C:\TB

So, if you want to build the KRNKR table then the statement would be (supposing a swap file of 512 MB):

tbgenm -m 512 -p -v -d C:\TB KRNKR or
tbgeni -m 512 -p -v -d C:\TB KRNKR

The parameter -p forces the use of virtual memory.

Once built the tablebases, you will be able to compress them with the program Datacomp.exe.

Lastly, with less than 512 MB of virtual memory (let's say 256 MB) you will be able to build all the tablebases except the KRPKQ.

Try to make one tablebase by day!

Regards and I apologize for my english (I speak spanish).


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