This is a temporary help page taken from my FAQ.

A much more interesting help page is coming soon.

If you are really stuck, there are some places that you can go for help. A good idea would be to run Winboard with the /debug tag and submit the Winboard.debug file.

Winboard Forum - This is a friendly forum, with many helpful gurus standing by to answer any question you might have regarding Winboard. The board is moderated by Volker Pittlik and Mogens Larsen, although their intervention is seldom necessary. The language of choice is generally English although sometimes German is used due to the large numbers of German speakers.NEW! As of 15-09-2001 Volker Pittlik has transfer the forum to Thomas Mayer.

Computer Chess Club [CCC] - This is a more general forum devoted to Computer Chess. While Winboard related questions are allowed, this forum is a better venue for asking questions related to Commercial programs such as Chessmaster, Fritz, Rebel etc, as many of their authors or Service Reps hang out there.This is a moderated forum [with Moderators being selected in a yearly election] . - The unmoderated Usenet group. Due to the presence of a large number of trolling and flaming, a group of Chess program Authors and fans felt that productive discussion was no longer possible. This led to the formation of the moderated Computer Chess Club [CCC].

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As a last resort, you can email me for help , and i will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability.