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>Since it is possible for Winboard to load a epd file on startup with the /loadPositionFile command and to specify which position to load with the /loadPositionIndex command, is there any way to have it automatically load a different position for each game? For example, if /mg is set to 10, is it possible for each game to start from a different position?

As far as I know, this cannot be done automatically with WB.
Actually, I would like this as well, and some time ago made a suggestion,
for such a feature. However, you can help yourself with a batchfile.

I.e. I have a batchfile tyn.bat (Nunn test between TCB and Yace).
It starts like this:

start /w e:\programm\Winboard\winboard /mg=2 /cp /lpf nunntest.epd /lpi 1 @tcbw.ini @yaceb.ini @save.ini
start /w e:\programm\Winboard\winboard /mg=2 /cp /lpf nunntest.epd /lpi 2 @tcbw.ini @yaceb.ini @save.ini

And more such lines, that have a different /lpi n.

The files tcbw.ini (tcb starting as white), yaceb.ini (black) and
save.ini are in the Winboard directory.

The save.ini, just tells WB where to save the PGNs. Of course, this
could be written directly in the batch file, but programmers often
love one more level of indirection :-)

My save.ini file looks like this

/spf=d:\usr\dieter\schachn3\wb.pos /sgf=d:\usr\dieter\schachn3\wb.gam

The other two files, are for telling WB, the directory and filename
of the engines.

I.e. My yace.ini looks like this

/fcp="tcb.exe tcbxinit.cui" /fd=e:\chess\tcb

and my yaceb.ini like

/scp=yace.exe /sd=d:\usr\dieter\schachn3

To start a Nunn-match, I just execute the batch file, after I have
selected the time control in WB, and also made certain, that WB won't
popup any messages at the end of the match, and that it will automatically
save the options.

I hope this helps,
Dieter "old fashioned batch files are still useful" Brner

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