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Latest beta version of engine: None!: (exe dated: xxxx/xx/xx)
Latest beta version of book: (book file dated: 2008/xx/xx)

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Summary of Changes

Testing and Playing Strength

Conditions: Dual AMD 1.7 GHz w/ 512MB RAM; 4' + 2"; 64MB main hash for Horizon and opponents; 4 MB pawn hash; egtb size 2 MB; ponder off.

Rationale: Opponents are chosen on the basis of well-established Elo ratings and reasonable results against Horizon -- this means staying within a 35% to 65% win percentage. Opposing engines remain in the mix until they fall out of the 35% to 65% range or if there are hangups/crashes.

OpponentAssumed EloComment
Amyan 1.472374prefers mobility, opening book is small
Arasan 7.02415good opponent with an excellent book
Booot 4.752394good opponent with an excellent book
Bruja 1.92378good opponent with a good book
Dragon 4.22387good opponent with a good book
Gromit 3.002416well-rounded opponent with a good book
KingOfKings 2.022360good opponent
Nejmet 2.62413plays smooth game with pawns
Phalanx XXII2422tactical opponent; main sparring partner
WildCat 2.612420good opponent with an excellent book
Avg Opponent2401 

Change Log

Cumulative changes from last official release, version 4.4:

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