Winboard Links

Of General Interest to Winboard Users:
  • Computer-Chess Wiki Engine List Lots of hard-to-find information!
  • Leo Dijksman's WBEC Leo is the king of computer-chess tournaments and information!
  • Guenther Simon's RWBC A list of all chess engines and some downloads of no longer available engines
  • CCW Forum - Daily announcements of new/updated chess engines
  • Winboard Forum A nice discussion board of computer chess
  • CCC Forum This board is a bit wilder, but with well-respected posters
  • old Winboard FAQ - Of historic interest only. You can find the latest version at the Computer-Chess Wiki
  • ChessGui Chess GUI by Matthias Gemuh supports WB and UCI protocol; intended for engine-engine tournaments
  • SCID Chess GUI, opening book database tool, and more; SCID was written by Shane Hudson, it is now maintained/updated by Pascal Georges & Alexander Wagner
  • Arena supports WB and UCI protocol; very nice GUI but sometimes unstable/unreliable
  • latest WinBoard H.G. Muller's improvement of Alessandro Scotti's Winboard "X"
  • Winboard "X" Alessandro Scotti's improvement of the old, abandoned Tim Mann Winboard project
  • Tim Mann - Of historic interest only
  • Winboard Winboard beta info & downloads is updated/maintained by HG Muller

Chess Tournaments and Ratings:

If I've missed a tournament site, please email me!